Enter as many details as you have available about your habitat below, and the site will try to determine what animals best fit inside of it. If you leave a field empty, it will be ignored when searching for animals, and this option is best not used, unless you simply do not know. For example, a habitat without any sand is a habitat with 0% sand, so enter '0'. Only enter nothing if you have no idea how much sand terrain is in the habitat. This will result in more animals being found, but with less chance of them liking the habitat.
Habitat sizes are measured in m² and might vary slightly if the animal you've been suggested can't climb steep terrain. Enter as many of the available values below. If your habitat has no water or climbing, enter '0' instead of leaving it empty.
Foliage is measured as a percentage of the total habitat surface. Every plant you add will add to your foliage coverage percentage, and larger objects such as big trees will add more.
Select all the different types of foliage you have used. Note that the site will only suggest animals that will not complain about any of these plants, so if you've only used, for example, a few European flowers in an otherwise Asian habitat, simply don't select European if you don't mind the animal being 1% less happy.
Terrain types are measured in a percentage of the total habitat covered in a certain terrain type. Enter as many of these percentages as you have available below.
Grass (Short)
Grass (Long)
Done entering all your details? Then let's start searching! Don't worry, if you've entered something incorrectly, you'll be able to fix it once the site is done searching. You'll even be able to copy + paste your URL to share your results with somebody else! This works great if you've built a habitat for the Steam Workshop, simply enter all your habitat's details here and copy+paste the link into your Steam Workshop's item description. If new animals are added in the future, the link will automatically show the new search results as well!